FEMALES – “There is so much MORE to us than what you thought…” CB

Aesthetic Specialty Centre always wants to hear what our patients are looking for – questions that they may have – concerns etc. so that we can always provide you exactly what you are looking for.

We are always adding new products and treatments and upgrading the ones we have at present. Our medical team is constantly researching in order to bring only the best of the industry to our list of provided options.

Between our Aesthetics – Dermatology – Injector – Facial Plastics and At Home Skin Care departments we have you covered from Head to Toe – Eye to Thigh and everywhere there is SKIN we have you covered THERE as well.

We would LOVE the opportunity to hear from you:

“How are we doing and how can we do better”?

EMAIL US @: kpalmieri@asc-psd.com and let us know :

1) What are we doing that you LOVE ?
2) What would you like to see more of ?
3) What do you wish we offered that we don’t at present ?
4) When we schedule future events would you prefer Lunch & Learns or After Hours ?

Your opinions MATTER and we look forward to your feedback.

Next time you are in the office or calling in LADIES – ask a member of our team about our newest additions – Thermi.


Another Beautiful Photo by: Max Eremine Photography.