Your skin says a lot about you. A bright, healthy complexion can translate into a more youthful appearance, but dull or damaged skin can make you look older than you feel. If your skin hasn’t been looking its best lately due to sun damage, dryness or fine lines and wrinkles, we can help rejuvenate your appearance with no downtime or recovery. Aesthetic Speciality Centre is now offering Diamond Glow, a highly personalized and noninvasive treatment that can exfoliate and nourish your skin to reveal a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion. 

What is Diamond Glow?

Diamond Glow is a rejuvenating facial treatment. It exfoliates to reveal a brighter complexion, extracts impurities for a deep clean and infuses your skin with targeted serums, all in one treatment. Unlike other facials or rejuvenation techniques, Diamond Glow uses a patented recessed diamond tip to deliver a new level of resurfacing that cleanses and nourishes your skin without harsh chemicals. And with a range of diamond tips designed for maximum effectiveness depending on which concerns are being addressed, treatments can be customized to your exact needs. If that wasn’t enough, Diamond Glow’s core serum collection by SkinMedica further ensures meaningful and highly personalized results that will give your skin the healthy, youthful glow you’ve always wanted.

Diamond Glow Serums

Diamond Glow is designed to be used with SkinMedica’s Pro-infusion serums, a line of skin care products developed through years of research and science. All serums are free from sulfates and sulfites, parabens or fragrances for clean nourishment, and the core collection contains a range of options that can be tailored to meet your unique skin care needs. During your consultation, each of the serums will be reviewed in detail and you’ll work together with your provider to determine which formula is right for you.

SkinMedica TNS Advanced+

SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced+ serum is a rejuvenating formula that effectively targets fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, coarseness and an uneven skin tone to rejuvenate your appearance. It is also the only growth factor product that has been proven to address sagging skin. When applied, visible results develop within two weeks and continue to improve with continued use.

SkinMedica Skin Brightening

The Skin Brightening serum uses patented Lumixyl peptides to give your skin a healthy, vibrant appearance. It corrects pigmentation and skin discoloration issues for a brighter complexion that looks smooth and even.

SkinMedica Ultra Hydrating Serum

Hydration is essential for a healthy complexion, so SkinMedica’s Ultra Hydrating serum quenches your skin with hyaluronic acid to restore moisture levels. Your skin will feel smoother, plumper and more supple than ever.

SkinMedica Vitamin C Serum

SkinMedica’s Vitamin C serum delivers a dose of beneficial antioxidants into your skin to rejuvenate your complexion and protect it from damage. This serum also restores tone and texture for a more youthful, vibrant appearance.

SkinMedica Pore Clarifying Serum

This Pore Clarifying serum is ideal for acne-prone skin. It helps to address blemishes or imperfections for a clearer, smoother complexion.

Each serum is also accompanied by take-home products that will be paired with your Diamond Glow treatment. This allows for a personalized skin care regimen you can maintain at home to improve and enhance your results.

Is Diamond Glow Right for Me?

Diamond Glow delivers “the you factor” with highly personalized treatments tailored to your skin care needs. Since the patented diamond tips and serums are customized for your skin, this treatment is ideal for patients with a wide range of concerns. If you have any of the following, Diamond Glow may be the rejuvenation treatment you’ve been looking for.

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Coarseness
  • Dark spots
  • Pigmentation issues
  • Dry, dull complexion
  • Clogged pores
  • Discoloration
  • Acne
  • Uneven tone or texture

Diamond Glow is appropriate for all skin tones and types, but ideal candidates should have realistic expectations and be able to commit to a series of four to six treatments. While Diamond Glow will give your skin the boost it needs to look its best, an ongoing skin care routine will be needed to retain your results. This includes daily moisturizing, sun protection, and the use of high-quality skin care products, such as those included with your treatment. During your appointment, our Diamond Glow experts can advise you on how to maximize your results and maintain a bright, dewy complexion.

The Diamond Glow Treatment Experience

Your Diamond Glow treatment will be performed in-office by one of our aesthetic specialists. To begin, first your skin will be cleansed and rid of any debris, such as dirt or oil. Then your provider will move the Diamond Glow wand across your treatment areas, where the diamond tip will gently resurface your skin by buffing and suctioning away dead skin cells. The device will also unclog your pores at the same time, leaving your skin smooth and clear.

Once your skin has been exfoliated and extracted, your provider will apply one of the specially selected serums into your newly opened pores, where it will penetrate deeply to nourish your skin. Since the serums are tailored to your skin care needs, your selected formula will target your specific concerns to leave you with beautiful, glowing skin that looks and feels better than ever.

Diamond Glow treatments are generally comfortable and well-tolerated by most patients, but a topical anesthetic may be applied to ensure a pleasant experience, especially if your concerns are in more sensitive areas of the face. Treatments generally take about 30 minutes to complete, but this may vary depending on your needs. Afterward, you’ll be free to resume your daily routine right away.

Diamond Glow Results & Recovery

Diamond Glow is a noninvasive resurfacing treatment with no downtime or recovery. You might notice some mild redness or irritation due to the suctioning and scraping of the diamond tip, but this is typically minimal and should resolve quickly.

After your treatment, your skin will feel clearer, smoother and more supple, with improvements continuing to develop over the next 72 hours. You will also notice fewer lines, wrinkles or coarseness — these concerns will be replaced by a healthy glow that brightens your appearance.

To achieve your skin care goals and maintain optimal results, most patients need a series of four to six Diamond Glow treatments, and the procedure can be repeated safely every two to three weeks. During your appointment, our providers will recommend a treatment schedule to keep your skin looking its best year-round. Your results will continue to improve with each Diamond Glow treatment, and you can further enhance your skin by incorporating the take-home serums into your daily skin care routine.

Learn More About Diamond Glow

If you want smooth, radiant skin that looks and feels healthy, we can help. Diamond Glow can rejuvenate your appearance and address common concerns such as lines, wrinkles, acne or an uneven tone or texture. To learn more about Diamond Glow and how this treatment can be customized to meet your exact needs, contact or call us today at 770-393-9000.