Hi, lady! I got the email for the LOVE YOUR HAIR A LATTE event, and although I can’t make it, just wanted to share my own experience after having faithfully taken Viviscal for one year and 3 months…

I’m amazed by how much my hair has grown in length and improved greatly in texture and volume. The actual health of my hair has changed remarkably. My stylist of 7 years agrees. She saw me through years of changes with my locks, from extensions, to bleach, and life stress… I was skeptical in the beginning, but willing to try anything, and I know Dr. Yune doesn’t believe in snake oil type products, so when I picked up the vitamins and took them consistently… Seriously, within 2 months, I was seeing growth in places I feared may never return (post hair extensions)… The funny irony now is that people who haven’t seen me since I went brunette, and since my hair is now to the middle of my back, ask if I’m wearing hair extensions!!! I’m still taking the vitamins, and hair aside, my skin, nails, and even lashes have all reaped the rewards.

For years, I’ve shared my love for Dr. Yune and ASC with anyone who cares to listen. From Botox to surgery, dermatology, my gal pals on staff, to take home products.. not to mention 2 of my 3 children have even been patients… I’m such a fan and fiercely loyal to you all. Thank you for staying abreast of all things health and beauty, providing excellent care in office and beyond (God bless Missy and Dr. Yune for being so responsive if I’ve had questions or concerns). Serving as patient advocates the way you do, by providing learning opportunities and making it fun and in an open air forum promotes and facilitates patient care that exceeds expectations and creates long lasting relationships, referrals, and of course, happy beautiful/handsome patients!

My best to you all.. until my next “tune up”

Kelli ❤️