As women age, our bodies change. While we often focus on our external beauty, we neglect our most intimate wellness needs, which are vital to our general health.

vFit PLUS, the world’s first home-use intimate wellness solution, uses a patented combination of red lights, gentle heat and sonic technology to improve sexual function, so you can enjoy personal wellness and renewed confidence.

vFit PLUS uses UV-free red lights (LEDs), chosen for their safety profile and optimal wellness results. They are powered to glow brightly, which helps deliver maximum benefits. While they are based on the same technology invented by NASA in the 1960s and are used in many aesthetic products today, we are the first company in the world that uses them to help improve intimate wellness.

vFit PLUS emits gentle heat intended to warm the tissue and encourage blood flow, which aids in the promotion of natural hydration. This gentle heat also amplifies the results that come from the LEDs. vFit PLUS has 10 sonic vibration modes for your customization. Each mode is a different vibration pattern.

Benefits of vFit PLUS

9 out of 10 women experience results. An effective solution to be used in the comfort and privacy of home to improve intimate wellness. Created by an OB/GYN in partnership with internationally recognized experts in light and laser technologies; developed with postpartum and menopausal women in mind. Integrates a patented combination of red lights, gentle heat and sonic technology with intuitive design elements that is all natural, nonsurgical, noninvasive and hormone-free.

vFit PLUS Treatment

Quick & Easy! 10-12 minutes, every other day with the initial treatment course of 6 weeks, then maintenance use as needed. Each vFit PLUS comes with a specialized gel to use. This ultra-concentrated, water based gel is infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe, to help moisturize and to enhance the performance and comfort.

vFit PLUS Recovery

vFit PLUS stimulates a positive response without damage, with no downtime and a very high patient satisfaction. As with any exercise regimen, it takes time to notice results. In a consumer study, women used their devices every other day for 10-12 minutes per day. Over the course of 60 days, women noticed an improvement in intimate wellness, enhanced comfort and pleasure with intercourse, and increased confidence. They then used the device on an ongoing basis, once or twice per week for maintenance. As we all know, you must continue to work out in order to maintain your great results.

*The information about vFit PLUS was reviewed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marc E. Yune. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.