When you look your best, you feel your best. Nature is not flawless and sometimes gives us imperfections that can cause us to feel uncomfortable in our own skin. Sometimes it is present at birth, other times it develops later as age, gravity and life in general take their toll. Facial plastic surgery can improve appearance and give confidence a boost.

Depending on the patient’s concerns, one or more procedures may be performed to rejuvenate or enhance the face. Removal of unsightly wrinkles and creases are a common request. Others would like to focus on lax – sagging skin, re-defining a more youthful contour. ASC offers several options to create your ideal image.



With some strategically placed incisions, a facelift can make a big impact on the overall appearance of the face. Although it will not change the shape, a facelift can eliminate sagging, creases, and excess fat. Patients appear more youthful once the jowls, laxity of the cheeks and neck that have developed with age are resupported – appearing more taut and the appearance of a double chin is eliminated.


Eyelid Lift

Men and women can benefit from an eyelid lift for aesthetic appeal and, in some cases, improved vision. Excess skin, fat or muscle that has developed in the upper or lower eyelid can be removed for a more rested appearance. Many times upper blepharoplasty is performed on patients who have difficulty due to hooding that gets in the way of eyesight.

facial rejuvenation patient