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Our commitment to your health and well being are ongoing as a patient at Aesthetic Specialty Centre. Once you receive a positive diagnosis of Skin Cancer, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive and personalized care to treat what can be a terrifying diagnosis. The best way to protect yourself from skin cancer is to have your yearly full body exam with our Dermatologist and always wear sunscreen.

Once a skin cancer has been diagnosed by the lab after a biopsy has been performed, surgery is usually required. Our staff at Aesthetic Specialty Centre performs skin cancer surgery in a very similar fashion to the method in which your biopsy was performed in most cases. However, when a skin cancer is removed, we want to make sure that there are no skin cancer cells remaining in the skin. To achieve this, we carefully remove the entire lesion on all sides (around and below the skin cancer). After removal of the skin cancer we also offer a number of treatments in our office for scar revision, prevention and reduction if scarring is a concern for you.

Types of Skin Cancer

There are three basic types of skin cancer:

Basal Cell Carcinoma – This type of skin cancer is the most common and also the least aggressive. However, basal cells can grow quite large, which can mean significant disfigurement when the cancer is surgically removed. As a result, it is generally best to have basal cells removed as early as possible.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma – Squamous cells often resemble a red bump or a scaly patch. They can also look like a sore that continues to open. This type of cancer can spread to other parts of the body, so early treatment is advised to minimize disfigurement and prevent the spread of cancer cells.

Melanoma – Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, often appears as a mole or dark spot on the skin. Whenever you have a spot that appears suddenly or changes, it should be promptly checked to ensure it is not melanoma. This type of cancer is the most likely to spread beyond the skin to other parts of the body.

Skin Cancer Surgery Approaches

There are a number of different techniques used by our staff to remove a skin cancer:

Excision – This procedure is similar to the way in which a skin cancer biopsy is performed. A scalpel is used to cut the skin cancer and surrounding healthy skin away and the area is then stitched closed. This is the procedure most commonly used at Aesthetic Specialty Centre for skin cancer removal.

Curettage and Electrodesiccation – This procedure uses a special instrument known as a curette to scrape the skin cancer from the surface of the skin. An electric needle is then inserted into the area to destroy any remaining cancer cells. This procedure is typically reserved for very superficial skin cancers and the procedure will leave a visible scar.

Skin Cancer Surgery Procedure

Skin cancer procedures are performed in our office using local anesthesia. The skin cancer will be removed with the goal of leaving the treated area as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The advantage of working with a surgeon that specializes in plastic surgery is that the cosmetic appearance will be carefully considered, once it is certain that the cancer is fully removed. Our dermatologist has been trained to achieve the most cosmetically appealing results for patients undergoing skin cancer removal.

In some cases, additional treatment like chemotherapy or radiation may be required if the cancer has spread beyond its initial location. We will work closely with your oncology team to ensure your skin cancer surgery is as smooth and seamless as possible in your overall treatment program.

Skin Cancer Surgery Recovery

Skin cancer surgery is generally relatively quick and our patients are usually able to return to regular activities as soon as the procedure is over. However, some patients may require a day or two of rest to allow the treated area time to heal fully. Activities may also be limited for a short period of time to ensure the surgical site is not disrupted during the healing process.

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, the information can be frightening and overwhelming. Our team will work with you to ensure your skin cancer is properly treated while maintaining the best cosmetic results possible. To learn more about your options in skin cancer treatment, contact Aesthetic Specialty Centre at (770) 393-9000 for our Roswell location or (706) 467-6500 for our Greensboro location.

*The information about Skin Cancer Treatment was reviewed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marc E. Yune. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.