The FDA has recently approved a new dermal filler known as Restylane Refyne, which Dr. Yune has actively incorporated into his collection of cosmetic injectables at the Aesthetic Specialty Centre. Designed specifically for the reduction of wrinkles and folds from the nose to the mouth or the mouth to the chin, Restylane Refyne produces some of the most natural results when compared to other fillers on the market.

Dr. Yune continually researches and seeks out the most innovative and clinically proven methods that enhance your appearance. Restylane Refyne combines cosmetic improvement with natural results to help you appear younger in a subtle manner. Dr. Yune is excited to offer his patients the next generation of injectable treatment and advance the field of minimally invasive methods.

The Refyne Difference

Like several injectables currently available, Restylane Refyne is comprised of hyaluronic acid, but unlike any other filler to date, Refyne uses a variation of HA scientifically formulated to provide flexibility within the contours of your face.

The technology is known as XpresHAn, and it allows Refyne to move along with your face whenever you laugh, frown, smile or grimace. As a result, Refyne looks completely natural rather than stiff and allows you to appear younger without any inclination that you’ve received injectable treatment.

Increased levels of HA add volume to the skin, which effectively fills in lines and wrinkles. With age, along with external factors like sun damage, smoking and sleeping positions, your skin can become thinner and lose the fat that once made it appear youthful.

Using dermal fillers to increase volume within the skin is a minimally invasive and efficient solution that combats natural aging, and now, with the use of XpresHAn, your results will allow you to maintain movement within your skin with natural facial expressions.

Your Candidacy for Refyne Treatment

Whether Refyne is right for you is a matter of discussing your cosmetic goals with Dr. Yune who can examine your skin and determine a precise injection regimen for your skin. Typically, moderate to severe facial wrinkles will respond best to Refyne treatment.

As with all dermal fillers, results are temporary and will require maintenance injections to retain smooth features within the face. Refyne has proven to last up to 12 months but may involve re-treatment every six months for continual improvement. By examining the quality of your skin along with the extent of your aging, Dr. Yune can determine the necessary amount of injections for your individual case.

Your results with Refyne are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds and marionette lines that appear whenever you smile or frown, and many patients can see the effects of their treatment after two weeks. Refyne, along with its sister injectable Restylane Defyne, is the only filler capable of maintaining natural movements within the treatment area so that you continue to look like you.

Find Out More

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*The information about Restylane Refyne was reviewed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marc E. Yune. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.