The day following my facelift I returned for my post-op visit at the Greensboro office. Dr. Yune and Katy Medrano removed the firm mask, replacing it with a bandage designed to hold the skin in place so I healed evenly. Dr. Yune shared with me that, although we think of our face as a whole, it is actually two zones, right and left, and each side would heal at different rates. He told me to expect swelling for a couple of weeks, getting better day by day, and bruising. He told me I would have some numbness behind my ears, which would get better as the healing process continued.

I couldn’t wait to see my results! The first time I was able to remove the bandages to apply the antibiotic and moisturizing lotions, I was amazed. I have a long face, but with the swelling I had a slightly round face. I knew this would be temporary, but I took considerable enjoyment from seeing how I looked with a totally different shape of face. If I was ever going to commit a crime, it would have been the perfect time not to be recognized! To my amazement, because I had used the icepacks and Arnica as recommended, and kept my head slightly lifted during sleep, I had hardly any bruising at all! Two days out of surgery I switched to extra-strength Tylenol. No paid meds needed! Through out the process, the pain and discomfort was minimal.

By the end of the firs week, I went out to do my usual errands, wearing sunglasses and a neck scarf. By the end of the second week the stitches had dissolved, the bruising was almost completely gone, and I was able to go about my life as always. Every morning I was excited to look in the mirror and see the progress. It had been a long time since I was excited to look in the mirror, but Dr. Yune had made it happen.

I was anxious to see how people responded to my new look. I was expecting more dramatic responses than what I received. People who didn’t know I had the procedure commented that I looked rested. Those who did were more likely to say, “Hey, you look like you! I was afraid you would look really different.” I wanted to say I had a face lift, not a transplant, but I knew that they were meaning to say they knew people who had facelifts who did not look natural.
Thank goodness for Dr. Yune!