We’ve all seen the photos of celebrity plastic surgery nightmares. No one wants to end up looking worse than they did before the surgery. But how can you be sure? Do your research. Find a doctor who is fellowship-trained. Doctors coming out of a plastic surgery residency may not have performed a single facelift or rhinoplasty, yet they can hang their shingle and start performing these procedures right away. A fellowship-trained doctor will have performed hundreds of these procedures. Ask to see before and after photos of actual patients. A doctor who does great work will be happy to display his/her work. Ask how many procedures they have performed. Does your doctor do video imaging? Can s(he) show you a reasonable expectation of the result s(he) can provide for you? Does s(he) explain how the procedure will be performed and answer all your questions? And does s(he) plan to follow you through your post-operative period, which can sometimes be up to a year?