Deciding to have a full facelift under the skillful hands of Dr. Marc Yune was a relatively easy decision. I saw the before and after simulations. I knew he was in the top 1% of all plastic surgeons, and I trusted him. All systems were go. I met for my pre-op consultation at his Greensboro office. After reviewing the procedure with Dr. Yune, Katy Medrano walked me through all the prep procedures, including the types of eye drops, lotions to keep the skin clean and moist, and what to expect day by day. She recommended Arnica to prevent bruising, which the office supplied, and made sure I had all the prescriptions.

I met for the surgery consultation at the hospital. Dr. Yune’s practice essentially occupied an entire Putnam County surgical suite. His anesthesiologist has worked with him well over a decade. I have had several non-elective surgeries and was concerned about my sensitivity to pain medication. They promised they would proactively manage any pain or side effects. I was ready to go!

When I reported for surgery, Dr. Yune and the entire team were there, all smiles and ready to go. I counted back from ten, and before I knew it I was in recovery. No pain, no side effects from the pain meds. My face was wrapped in what might best be described as a firm mask. My eyes were lifted. My skin was smoothed and lifted. Lipo removed the sags and bags under my neck, and the stitches were unbelievably tiny, masked under my hairline and behind my ears.

I headed home for a good night’s rest, which was uneventful. I couldn’t wait to begin to see the transformation unfold!