ASC – Patient Story –

” I had my first son when I was 22. And 6 months ago I had my 3rd baby boy. I had come to accept the fact that my lady parts would never be the same and even joke about peeing when I sneeze unexpectedly. I never thought these things could be fixed because with a husband in the military and 3 little boys to chase after I knew I would never be able to get a procedure with any type of recovery period. Then my friend suggested I try ThermiVA at Aesthetic Specialty Centre.

After one session, that lasted only about 45.min, I could SEE a difference only minutes after it was over! I had no pain or discomfort and was able to immediately resume all activities. In days following I have noticed about a 75% increase in my bladder control. This treatment is truly life changing and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who has had children – and even to those who have not, but have their own personal concerns!” — at Aesthetic Specialty Centre

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