Before undergoing any surgical procedure, I wanted to do the absolute most I could to prepare my skin/face/body so that I would have the best possible outcome. I did not want to have a facelift that would pull wrinkled, sun-damaged neck skin up on my face for all the world to see. I wanted the texture of my skin to be such that I would heal quickly and my results would last for years. I knew it was important to be at my ideal weight so as to not undo my results with weight gain/loss. I have been using medical grade skincare for nearly ten years. I have had chemical peels to correct texture issues; IPLs to correct sun damage; hydrafacials to exfoliate and deep cleanse; ultherapy to tighten; and THERMIsmooth to boost collagen. I started a diet and exercise regimen four months ago and lost 40 + pounds. I am finally ready for surgery. It is scheduled for January 24, 2017.