Dr. Yune performs what he likes to call “botox-assisted face lift and eyelid surgery.” Injecting botox to the glabella, crows feet, DAO (depressor muscles that pull the corners of the mouth down), and platysmal bands in the neck, aids by minimizing movement in these areas, allowing for enhanced and longer-lasting results.

“Ironically, Just When She Needed to Get as Much Sleep as Possible to Prepare for the Next Few Days, Her Excited Anticipation Kept Her Awake Long Into the Night”

Two days until my surgery…supplies purchased, prescriptions filled, food prepared, house cleaned, laundry done, bills paid…Time to relax and watch the Falcons kick some Packer butt!!! One more day to work and one last preparation. I’m having an Intraceuticals facial tomorrow to infuse my skin with nutrients, hydration, and oxygen so it’s ready for the Big Day on Tuesday!