ThermiVa and Missy are the best and have changed my life!

After seeing a urologist and undergoing physical therapy for incontinence issues, I was looking at bladder surgery in order to get relief. I am in my 60s with autoimmune and hormone challenges which create vaginal laxity, dryness and the bladder urgency. Even laughing would cause embarrassing leakage and so I had to consistently wear bladder supports and panty liners. I was so self conscious and this impacted my daily life and social life enjoyment greatly.

ThermiVa was my last resort prior to scheduling costly major bladder surgery and the inherent healing downtime. After the first of three ThermiVa sessions with Missy, I never had to wear any more bladder protection again!

First of all, spending an hour talking with Missy was a total joy and a bonus benefit! There was no pain or downtime at all during or after the treatment. In addition, and as a surprise gift resulting from the ThermiVa treatment, my fiancé noticed the difference especially after the second treatment….he was definitely challenged to control his climax. Needless to say, things progress much, much more quickly now!

I would absolutely recommend ThermiVa for women looking for a non-invasive treatment to alleviate or, as in my case, completely eliminate bladder control issues. The byproducts involving sexual satisfaction are amazing too!

Missy makes this entire experience very painless, and comfortable and relaxing and fun!! Who needs surgery when ThermiVa is a miracle in a wand?! THE best and most beneficial decision I have ever made!

Love ThermiVa and Missy!

-Actual ASC Patient, “D.P.”

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