As women, at every phase in our lives … we are changing. Certain things that we learned to love about ourselves along the way seem to change and we too begin to change how we feel about ourselves…

Love being YOU … being the BEST YOU possible.

As time changes us – so do the treatments available to help maintain the healthy – FUN LOVING – YOU – that everyone around you fell in love with (including you).

The providers at Aesthetic Specialty Centre research on-going to find the most beneficial treatments available to help our patients LOVE THE SKIN THEY LIVE IN. There are no refunds offered on the bodies we were blessed with and no replacements, HOWEVER there are UPGRADES available.

Take time for YOU this Season.

Schedule a consultation to find out what your options are – ask questions that you may have and find out what treatments may meet your personal goals:

  • THERMIva – ” Vaginal Rejuvenation ” – addresses skin laxity – feminine dryness -moisture level – sexual satisfaction and offers improvement of urinary control.
  • THERMIbreast – offers non-surgical skin tightening of the breast tissue and surrounding area
  • Breast Augmentation
  • CoolSculpting – for body contouring of the abs – inner and outer thighs – LOVE handles that aren’t so loveable – saddle bags – flanks – bra line & excess fatty tissue under the chin
  • Ultherapy – for skin tightening and laxity
  • Injectable fillers & Botox to treat loss of facial volume and erase or minimize expression lines. “Accentuating the positives and Minimizing the NOT so positive traces of time“.

There is ONLY one YOU and we believe you deserve to look and most of all FEEL the best that you possibly can at EVERY STAGE in your life.