If your nose is too large, uneven, or has an unattractive shape, Dr. Yune can enhance your natural beauty with a perfectly performed custom rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty. The artistic eye of Dr. Yune makes it possible to shape your nose so it highlights your natural beauty, a more beautiful you.

Dr. Yune is a triple board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in revision rhinoplasty. Patients come from all over the country for his expertise. A nose job may also be performed to resolve breathing problems associated with a deviated septum, birth defect or trauma.

The first step in finding out more about rhinoplasty is to schedule a consultation. You will meet with Dr. Yune and have the opportunity to discuss your goals – concerns and have all your questions answered.

Dr. Yune provides photo imaging during the consultation to give you an idea of what the “before and after” you could look like – prior to you scheduling your procedure.