I am putting my BIG Girl Panties on today –

At 28 I was blessed with a beautiful bouncing baby boy. I spent twenty-seven long hours in labor, pushed for two an…d a half and finally our eyes met. As you ladies know, this moment will forever change you (in many ways). It also changed my body forever. My delivery was so traumatic to my vaginal area AND my bladder.

I always tell my girlfriends who are expecting, “it’ll never look the same again, kinda similar, but not the same”.

Needless to say difficult labor led to stage 3 tearing and my bladder is now completely SHOT. Just yesterday I emptied my bladder before we left for family dinner and one sneeze led to me having change my outfit.

My mother had two bladder surgeries over the years and I saw how painful the recovery process was and decided to deal with my UI and forgo that surgery.

So the research began.

One Google search led me to the offices of Dr. Marc Yune, renowned surgeon, and I decided to start my journey with the NEW ThermiVa treatment!

This noninvasive procedure can finally help with my UI and not to mention tighten up the my vaginal area.

My treatment is TODAY and let’s just say, my husband will be thrilled about his POST “Father’s Day” gift ; )

Wish me luck ladies! More to come!

– Mrs. No More Extra Panties in Her Purse!