Pregnancy is an amazing miracle, a woman’s body is a life-giving powerhouse. However, pregnancy also sucks the life (and the CLEAVAGE) right out of us and it doesn’t always snap back (maybe hardly ever 😜). After my second baby, I longed for that confidence I once had and trusted Aesthetic Specialty Centre for those results. My once perky 32B breasts had gone up to a 34D during – and after pregnancy back down to a 34AA. I missed my curves, or at least my ability to even fill out a bra, and set out to get them back!

After my consultation with Dr. Marc Yune, I felt confident in his ability. I knew I could trust him, not only because of his credentials and before & after photos, but because I could tell he really cared! He explained why he only uses saline over silicone (I know that I don’t have to worry about the health risk associated with a leak or having to get them replaced in 10 years – or even ever!), why he only goes through the areola (no visible scar 👀) and why he only goes completely under the muscle (the natural look & feel and it helps visibility on mammograms in the future). His bedside manner is warm and caring.

Dr. Yune went beyond the practice’s post operative visits to make sure I was feeling well after surgery by checking in with me while I was home recovering. I had an amazing recovery, bruising was minimal and completely gone after the second week. I was back to work in less than a week, and not long after surgery I was able to keep up with my 2 toddlers (my husband was overseas so I was on my own!). Now that I’m 7 weeks out, I feel amazing and confident!
I got my body back and am forever grateful to Dr. Yune and his team for that!!

~ Actual patient – D.H