All Dr. Yune’s patients receive a thorough and informative hour-long preoperative teaching to prepare them for the procedure(s) they will be having. As the main emphasis is on safety, patients are required to obtain a medical clearance from their primary care physician to ensure they are healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia. For patients having breast surgery, Dr. Yune requests that they have a recent mammogram to rule out any issues. During the pre-op teaching, patients and their caregivers learn that certain medications, vitamins and supplements, herbal remedies, and foods must be avoided in the two weeks leading up to the surgery and for two weeks after the surgery. These are mainly substances that can affect blood clotting, and the body’s ability to heal following the surgery. Patients are advised to purchase arnica and bromelain with quercetin to help minimize inflammation and bruising post-procedure. I was given prescription I would need which included an antibiotic and medications for pain, nausea, and muscle spasms/anxiety. I learned how to care for my surgical incisions in the days and week following my procedures. The main emphasis is on rest and allowing your body to heal.