Deciding to do allergy testing and allergy shot treatment at ASC has been life changing for me! I have suffered from bad allergy and sinus problems all my life. I’ve been to every allergy specialist who was suppose to be the best in Atlanta, and every city I’ve lived in for many years. I was tested multiple times and given the same old medicines with no results. I always had a stopped up or running nose, was always sick with multiple sinus infections every year, and lived on antihistamines and decongestants just to breathe.

I discovered that the allergy testing at ASC is very different from what most allergy doctors do. They test for 80 very specific allergens that most doctors don’t test for. I tested positive for 59 allergens that no doctor has ever tested me for. I was given my serum for my shots that I do every other day, and the difference has truly been life changing! I no longer have a stopped up or running nose, and haven’t had to take an antihistamine or decongestant, or had a sinus infection in over a year. And I can go outside year around, even during the worst times of the year for allergies with no problems. If you have allergies, you absolutely must try this! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

ASC Patient, LV.