Cellulite: the aggravating, almost-impossible-to-treat dimpling that plagues approximately 90 percent of women at some point in their lives. Although it’s completely harmless from a health perspective, so-called “cottage cheese” or “orange peel” skin can be embarrassing and prevent you from feeling your best.

For decades, cellulite treatments have been met with mixed results, but a new injectable called QWO® is on a mission to change that. This is an exciting addition to the aesthetics community, and Aesthetic Specialty Centre is proud to bring it to our patients in Roswell and Greensboro.

The Breakdown on Cellulite

Cellulite is a complex problem. It isn’t caused by what or how much you eat, or by a lack of exercise — it can happen to anyone, no matter your age, your weight, your eating habits or the toughness of your workouts. There are three things that contribute to the development of those unmistakable dimples:

  • Skin — over time, our skin naturally gets thinner and looser
  • Fat — fat cells expand and push against our skin from below
  • Fibrous Bands — the fibrous bands under our skin thicken and cause tension

Topical products only do so much for cellulite because they aren’t strong enough to break up the constricted cellulite-causing bands. In-office treatments offer better results, but until now, they have utilized more invasive methods to sever the bands for smoother skin.

What Is QWO®?

QWO® is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment that specifically targets cellulite. It is clinically proven to reduce moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. Like BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM® and other injectables, the treatment is non-surgical and convenient, with minimal discomfort and no required downtime.

How Does QWO® Work?

QWO® contains enzymes called collagenases. Although it’s not fully understood how QWO® works, it’s thought that these enzymes work in three ways: stimulating the growth of new collagen, redistributing fat cells and releasing the fibrous bands beneath the skin surface. These three mechanisms of action target the three underlying causes of cellulite dimples.

Areas That Can Be Treated With QWO®

QWO® is currently approved for the treatment of cellulite in the buttocks. As the new injectable rolls out to doctors’ offices and medspas around the country, it’s likely the manufacturer will seek approval for other areas, too.

Who Is QWO® Suitable For?

Ideal candidates for QWO® are adult women with moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks. This product is not currently indicated for other parts of the body or for men.

When you visit ASC for a consultation, we will evaluate your concerns to ensure cellulite is the issue rather than skin laxity. Sagging skin can create a wavy appearance that looks similar to cellulite but has a different underlying cause. Only true cellulite dimples can be treated with QWO®. Skin laxity requires a different approach.

This treatment is not right for you if you are allergic to the ingredients in QWO®, including any collagenase, or if you have an active infection in the treatment area.

The QWO® Cellulite Treatment Experience at ASC

Your ASC injector will begin by discussing your expectations, explaining the treatment process and identifying the areas for injection. While you lie down comfortably, your injector will administer QWO® directly into targeted cellulite dimples using a small needle. Only a certain number of dimples per buttock are treated during a session. QWO® injections can take as little as 10 minutes, then you can leave our office and go about your day.

What Should I Expect After QWO® Injections?

In clinical trials, women who had QWO® injections required no post-treatment downtime. You may notice bruising, redness, swelling, soreness or warmth in the injected area. Bruising following the first round of QWO® injections is typically the most profound. Do not schedule QWO® injections close to events where you may wear a swimsuit or something else revealing, as bruising may be visible.

Your ASC provider will talk to you about what to expect after the treatment, when to follow up and what you can do to ensure the best result.

When Will I See Results From My QWO® Treatment?

While individual results vary, you may notice visible improvements in 10 weeks. Evidence from the initial clinical trial showed that QWO®, like other cellulite treatments, can significantly reduce cellulite but not completely eradicate it. Because QWO® is brand-new, we do not yet have published studies showing how long the product’s smoothing effect lasts.

How Many QWO® Treatments Will I Need?

Women in the clinical trial received three QWO® cellulite treatments spaced 21 days apart. With over 1,800 women participating, QWO® has been studied in more patients than any other FDA-approved injectable cellulite treatment to date. The ASC team will help you determine an appropriate treatment plan, including the total number of injection sessions.

Get to the Bottom of Your Cellulite Concerns

We know it can be hard to talk about something as personal as your cellulite, especially in such an intimate area. Know that you’re not alone, and that your ASC provider will listen with a compassionate ear to help you find a solution. Find out if you are a good candidate for QWO® by calling Aesthetic Specialty Centre in Roswell at 770-393-9000 or in Greensboro at 706-467-6500. We understand the lost confidence that can come with cellulite, and we’re proud to be on the cutting-edge of treatment to help.