Beautyful young woman sitting next to the window and wearing white lingerie and white shirt. She is very sensual and attractive.

“and so she decided to live the life she had imagined …”

As women, at every phase in our lives … we are changing. Certain things that we learned to love about ourselves along the way seem to change and we too begin to change how we feel about ourselves… Love being YOU … being the BEST YOU possible. As time changes us – so do the […]

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ASC in “Northside Woman”

Aesthetic Specialty Centre is proud to announce that our very own Kim Palmieri in October 2016 issue of “Northside Woman” Check out our feature by clicking here. […]

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It’s YOUR Body.. Take It Back

ASC – Patient Story – ” I had my first son when I was 22. And 6 months ago I had my 3rd baby boy. I had come to accept the fact that my lady parts would never be the same and even joke about peeing when I sneeze unexpectedly. I never thought these things […]

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Girl watching mirror in her hand. Black and white

The Reveal

The day following my facelift I returned for my post-op visit at the Greensboro office. Dr. Yune and Katy Medrano removed the firm mask, replacing it with a bandage designed to hold the skin in place so I healed evenly. Dr. Yune shared with me that, although we think of our face as a whole, […]

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Artist mid adult woman looking herself on mirror. Dusts and dirts on the mirror...

Ready… Set… Go

Deciding to have a full facelift under the skillful hands of Dr. Marc Yune was a relatively easy decision. I saw the before and after simulations. I knew he was in the top 1% of all plastic surgeons, and I trusted him. All systems were go. I met for my pre-op consultation at his Greensboro […]

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Why is everyone talking about the “V” word?

Why is everyone suddenly talking about Vaginas ??? “Turn on your favorite reality show and there’s probably a Real Housewife or Kardashian talking about the latest procedures that tighten your vajajay in a quick, pain-free visit. On a recent episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, cast member Sonja Morgan was filmed having […]

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Couple in love running out of the water.  They are holding hands.

Never Fear The Mirror

Showing off your legs is NEVER something we want you to FEAR. Aesthetic Specialty Centre is thrilled to have been the first office in Atlanta to offer Cellfina for our patients as a treatment for actual CELLULITE. Dr. Marc Yune is an educator for Cellifina and shares the treatment and the MANY benefits of this […]

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“There is so much MORE to us than what you thought…”

FEMALES – “There is so much MORE to us than what you thought…” CB Aesthetic Specialty Centre always wants to hear what our patients are looking for – questio…ns that they may have – concerns etc. so that we can always provide you exactly what you are looking for. We are always adding new products […]

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I am putting my BIG Girl Panties on today – At 28 I was blessed with a beautiful bouncing baby boy. I spent twenty-seven long hours in labor, pushed for two an…d a half and finally our eyes met. As you ladies know, this moment will forever change you (in many ways). It also changed […]

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